Hyundai Motor India has launched the 5th generation of the Verna sedan in India. The Next Gen Verna is packed with some most exclusive features this time which will help it to step up in the game as they were not there in the previous model of Verna.

The next gen Verna is meant to take an edge on the other brand variants like Honda City, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz by going out to bring the best in this price segment. After knowing about these new features of next-gen Verna it might change your decision.

The Next Gen Hyundai Verna, 5th generation is basically based on the Russia spec model Hyundai Solaris, there are 6 such features that were never there in the South Korean C-segment sedan. Among those are some segment-firsts as well. Without wasting any more time, lets see what these features are.



Yes, finally! The Next Gen Hyundai Verna 5th generation will come with an exclusive electrically operated sunroof and will become the 2nd product in its segment to boast one. The only other car that has had a sunroof for a while now is the Honda City. Rumors are that Maruti Suzuki will add this feature in the mid-life updating in the Ciaz.

Hands-Free Boot Release (Segment-First)


Hyundai Verna has also added up the new feature of hands-free boot release technology. All you need to do is wave your foot underneath it and it will pop open. Pretty good, isn't it?! This tech comes in the Verna as a segment 1st and further enhances the convenience factor.

Cooled Seats (Segment-First)


Another feature that the New Gen Verna has borrowed from its other product of Hyundai, that is Hyundai Elantra, is ventilated front seats. While New Gen Hyundai Verna dont have feature of heating function, the seats suck up air from the AC vent and blow it back to keep you cool from almost every angle.

Projector Fog Lamps (Segment-First)


We all know that what are projector lenses that make our driving better during the darker hours of the day and more conveniently. While, in the New Gen Verna, you will get projector lenses in the fog lamps too. It will help in illuminating the road ahead in a much more focused manner, without letting the light from the bulbs scatter.

Eco Coating (Segment-First)


Eco Coating in Hyundai is very essential technology that eliminates odor from the AC. Result? You sense the smell which won’t be disturbing you and you enjoy your comfort zone.

In fact you will wonder the best experience in New Gen Hyundai Verna.

Smart control with Hyundai iblue


Experience Hyundai next-generation Infotainment system with Hyundai iblue smart remote application. It focuses on providing a simplified user interface for your Infotainment system via Bluetooth. The Hyundai iblue App makes every journey more comfortable and satisfying, whether you're in the driving seat or relaxing as a passenger.

Main Features:

-Selection & Control of Media
-Change Radio stations with Seek/ Track buttons
-Switch between different media source: USB, iPod, AUX Bluetooth music
-Standard media player functions: play/pause, next/pervious track
-Control volume; increase, decrease & mute
-Change sound settings
-Control the USB video play pause condition also
-SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Infotainment System connected to application


-Hyundai iblue Smart Remote app requires latest app to be installed in your Smartphone. The compatibility and features of this app may with vehicle variants.
-Currently, this app is compatible with New Verna 2017 vehicle equipped with touch screen infotainment system.


These features have been missing from the verna series offered by Hyundai which has deeply impacted the sales of Hyundai Verna from last few years. On contrary, the other players like Honda, Maruti and Skoda have already stepped up in the game which has further resulted in increase in their sales. Hopefully, these added benefits will create a huge impact and help the buyers to make a better choice and if you are planning to buy a sedan, then you can definitely consider The Next-Gen Verna.