The whole new Look embarks on an upgraded journey in life with Dzire's whole new identity. Gaze over immaculate sedan proportions complemented by beautiful chrome Grills and highlights as compared to old dzire. A true reflection of your urbanity, with a touch of elegance.

A whole new stroke of ELEGANCE, Everyone is unique and so is everyone Dzire.

Maruti has come up with its all new Maruti Dzire which has created a great buzz in the market and everybody wants to own the beautiful all new Maruti Dzire.

We all dream of owning a car which is absolutely new in the market like the new Dzire. The all new Dzire has all the features which Maruti provide to their customers- reliability, affordability, and efficiency. Dzire has a unique mechanism with smooth acceleration and delivers maximum efficiency and superior performance. Yes, it is true that you can get the all new Dzire 2017 Free; it seems to be crazy but the fact is true.

We know due to GST which will be rolling out in July 2017, a lot of brands have reduced their prices and Tata Motors has decreased the price of Jaguar XF Aero Sport up to Rs. 10.9 lakh and within this decreased price you can own a new Dzire top model and this is not the ex-showroom price we are talking about. But with this price, you can buy New Dzire 2017 at on road price.

The variant that are coming in maruti dzire are LXi/LDi, VXi/VDi, ZXi/ZDi, ZXi+/ZDi+.The Ex-Showroom price for all new dzire is in between 5.43- 9.39.

The Trend is 1,530mm (165/80R14) Overall width 1,735mm; The Wheelbase is 2450mm Overall length 3,995mm. The mileage of all new dzire are ( Petrol Mt engine 22.0Km/l, Petrol AMT engine 22.0km/l, Diesel MT 28.40Km/l, Diesel AMT 28.40Km/l).

We know due to GST which will be rolling out in July 2017. There has been reduction in the number of car sales in many brands but the all new dzire has got up in the sales figures in July 2017 and the number are 14703.


Innovative step has been taken by maruti dzire to increase the experience of front seat in the whole new Dzire. Move up to an ever-evolving world with Auto Gear Shift technology and power-packed superior engines.


Open your door to an experience that reflects indulgence. The whole new Dzire comes with more space, comfortable seats and great interiors. Just sit back, relax in a whole new world.


The whole new Dzire comes with a standard safety package across all its variants. It is coming with some good features like the Suzuki HEARTECT Body platform and dual airbags make the Dzire safe for you and your loved ones, Anti-theft Security System, Pinch Guard Power Window. These Safety features that make all new Dzire more secure and convenient to drive.


The whole new Dzire has a plethora of options to assist you on your drive. So, when you drive the whole new Dzire, you drive into a world where everything is at your fingertips.

The pollen filter sits in the cabin or engine compartment. The most standard filters that are been used like electrostatic paper filter to collect pollen, and all kinds of other dirt and debris. Many premium models use carbon filters. This stops unpleasant smells, spores, fungus, and toxic gases from entering your cabin white.