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AB Cube Technologies operates website and provide facilities, as applicable, by our Terms of Use (our "TOU"). Certain terms used in this document have the meanings set forth in our TOU. These supplemental terms (the "Supplemental Terms of Use" or this "Supplemental TOU") apply to our sites and facilities related to our websites and facilities for the automotive industry ("Website " or "sites") and are incorporated into our TOU by this reference. If there is any conflict between this Supplemental TOU and our TOU, this Supplemental TOU will control. This Supplemental TOU does not apply to those sites and facilities that do not display or link to this Supplemental TOU, or that have their own supplemental terms of use. By using our sites and facilities, you are a "user" and you accept and agree to our TOU and this Supplemental TOU as a legal contract between you and us.

CarZeal.com is not a car dealership or a direct seller. CarZeal.com (AB Cube Technologies) is a service provider. We are not a lender and do not make loans or credit decisions in connection with loans or pre-qualify any consumer for a loan. When you submit your loan request using our facilities, we may submit your information to one or more third party lenders or other brokers, aggregators or referral facilities in connection with fulfilling your loan request or other request for insurance, vehicle sales or leasing, marketing, or other products and facilities, and your information may be shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We send a user’s information to one or more lenders based on the consumer’s location, the requirements provided to us by the lender and other agreements between us and the lenders and we may receive compensation from the lender in connection with submitting your loan request. We try to connect all users with a lender in their area but we do not guarantee that we will be able to connect you with any lender. In some circumstances, we may not be able to send your information to a lender or other brokers, aggregators or referral facilities, for reasons which may be based on the information provided by you to us.

All lending decisions are made by the lender and we do not guarantee approval or that any loan terms or rates provided or offered to you will be the best terms or the lowest rates available in the market. We do not guarantee that submitting your information through the sites or facilities will result in you being matched with lender for further processing. We do no guarantee that you will be offered auto financing related to your loan request, nor do we guarantee that any auto financing or loan product you are offered by a lender will include rates or terms satisfactory to you. Any offerings made to you will be done so by the lender and not by us. We do not endorse or recommend any specific lender or act as a representative or agent for any lender. Facilities listed on the site do not represent all financing or credit options, products or facilities available in the market. Not all consumers may be approved and individual loans terms and rates may vary based on the lender’s credit determinations, amount financed and other factors. The lender may perform a credit check or other credit evaluation in making their lending decisions. There is no guarantee that a loan will be given to any user using these facilities.

You should rely on your own fine judgment to decide that which available loan product is best for you and your needs or financial means. The lender you select is solely responsible for its facilities to you, and you agree that we will not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with a loan obtained from any lender or your use of a lender’s products or facilities.

The facilities listed on our sites may not be available in all states and you should check with the lender for availability. We and the lenders expressly reserve the right to discontinue, suspend or terminate the offering of any facilities at any time.

The Advertisements related to new cars, pricing, offers, terms and features are posted by third party sellers who have paid or contracted with us for the placement of their advertisements on our Website ("Advertisers"). We do not own or sell any vehicles listed on the website. We do not provide, and are not responsible for, any pricing, payment, terms, offers or quotes provided in the Advertisements on the Website . The Advertiser is solely responsible for the accuracy of all vehicle related information, including but not limited to, pricing, payment, offers, quotes, descriptions of vehicle features, availability and terms. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in any Advertisement, description, price, payment, offer or quote contained on the Website.

We do not endorse any Advertiser, unless explicitly stated on the Website, and we make no guarantee, explicit or implied, that the posted information in any Advertisement is accurate. We do not and cannot verify the information, nor do we guarantee any vehicle offered by an Advertiser. We assume no responsibility to verify whether the Advertisements comply with applicable laws; such responsibility rests with the Advertiser. We do not guarantee the availability or are responsible for the performance of any vehicle and its pricing, promotion or financing.

Advertised vehicle prices on the Website generally exclude sales tax, finance charges, and title, license, regulatory, dealer documentary, emission testing and compliance fees, all of which may be added to the advertised price in determining the final sale price of a particular vehicle. Certain used car Advertisements may include vehicles that are shown to be "certified" as meeting certain standards established by either certain manufacturers or a particular dealer in connection with their pre-owned vehicle programs. The decision to certify any particular vehicle is made by the individual dealer, and we are not responsible for the decision to certify any vehicle or to advertise such certification.

We may provide information through our websites or facilities related to purchasing, obtaining financing, loan options, new car configuration and pricing, trade-in valuation, research, tools to compare car features, pricing and ratings, credit or debt related information or any other informational content. Content is believed to be accurate at the time of posting and is subject to change at any time. All content and information is provided for informational purposes only and is not financial or professional advice. We do not recommend or endorse any particular service, service provider or course of action for your financial situation.

We try to provide the most accurate information possible, any information related to pricing, discounts, special offers, or promotions provided on the site may be based on promotions or pricing offered by the third party sellers, which is subject to change at any point of time. We cannot guarantee that any pricing, discounts, special offers or promotions will be available in all geographical areas or available to all consumers or users of the websites or available on any particular date. All pricing, discounts, special offers and promotions are at the decisions of the dealer and/or manufacturer. Reliance on information provided on the sites is at your sole discretion and risk.

We do not make any representations regarding the use or the result of the use of the content on the sites regarding correctness, accuracy, reliability, applicability, quality or otherwise and we are not responsible for damages incurred by the users of the sites or any content contained therein. If you need advice, contact an appropriate professional or lender.

We may provide links to third party websites or information about third party facilities, including third party facilities for insurance, credit repair, debt relief, warranties, and other products and facilities. We do not endorse or recommend any third party or their facilities or make any representation that the use of these facilities will improve your financial situation in any way. Certain facilities, such as credit repair, can be done by you without payment to third parties for these facilities. The third party facilities may not be available in all states and you should contact the appropriate third party service provider for more information. All terms of service, rates and loan amounts are based on the third party’s determinations, which may be based on your creditworthiness, and applicable state laws. We are not responsible for any third party facilities and will not be liable for your use of such facilities. You should refer to the Third Party’s website complete and updated information related to any offer before submitting you information and use personal judgment and exercise caution where appropriate.

The actual contract for any sale, lease, financing, insurance or other product is directly between the Advertiser, lender, insurer or other third party, as applicable (each, a "Third Party" and collectively, "Third Parties") and the buyer. The Third Party and buyer are solely responsible for all aspects of the transactions in which they choose to participate. No transactions will be conducted on or through our Website and we are not, and are not responsible for, brokering any transactions between the Third Party and the buyer.

We provide these sites as a platform for users to connect with the Third Parties. We do not review or authenticate any advertisements, offers, deals, rates, or any other purchase, lease, financing or other terms related any Advertisements on the Website . Therefore, users of the Website should be aware that:

  • The Third Party and buyer are completely and solely responsible for negotiating the sale, lease, exchange, financing or insuring of goods or facilities. We are not a party to any transaction between the buyer and Third Party.
  • The Third Party and buyer must resolve any disputes that may arise from any transactions amongst themselves and without our involvement.
  • The Third Party and buyer are responsible for researching and complying with any applicable laws, regulations, rules or restrictions on products, facilities, or manner of sale, lease, exchange, financing or insuring that may pertain to transactions in which they participate. The Third Party and buyer must make the final determination as to the value and appropriateness of the transaction.
  • Your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, Third Parties found on or through the Website, including payment and delivery of related goods or facilities, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such Third Party. You agree that we will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings. You should read all terms provided by the Third Party for the transaction and you should use personal judgment and exercise caution where appropriate.
  • We are not liable for any transactions between the Third Party and buyer or between any user and creditor, lender or insurer related to any vehicle purchase, financing, insurance and/or any offers/promotions listed on the Website by an Advertiser.
It is your responsibility to read the descriptions of the vehicles, offers, promotions, financing, insurance and any other products or facilities provided on or through the website (collectively, the "products") by the third party and to physically inspect the product and related agreements prior to completing your transaction(s). The third party is responsible for disclosing prior rental and demonstrative history, frame damage, salvage history, stolen-recovery history, flood damage, and any material cosmetic or mechanical damage defect or irregularity of the product. It is the third party’s sole responsibility to ensure that the product meets all local state and federal emission and safety standards applicable for the model and year of the product and that such product is provided in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Ask for a copy of the written warranty and any other terms applicable to the transaction before you complete the transaction. It is your responsibility to verify and understand the terms of the warranty being offered, and any other applicable terms, for the product you are considering before you complete the transaction.

Ask for a copy of the written return policy before you complete the transaction of a product. It is your responsibility to verify and understand the terms of the return policy being offered for the product you are considering before you complete the transaction.

We do not guarantee product prices, features, specifications or availability. All transactions are conducted by the third party. All product descriptions and prices provided to you on the site, or via separate contract following your submission of a request or inquiry to the third party, are made by the participating third party possessing the described product and not us. All products are subject to prior sale and may not be available when your request or inquiry is processed or received by the third party.

It is your responsibility to know the amount and nature of any deposit you are being asked to make or fees being charged to you as part of your product transaction. Absent a specific agreement between you and the third party, the third party is not required to hold any product off the market and is free to sell any product at any time before you have executed the contract to purchase or lease such product. The act of submitting a request or inquiry through the. It is your responsibility to confirm with the third party that the product will be held off the market until you can complete the purchase or lease. Whether your deposit is refundable or not is subject to your contractual agreement with the third party and/or state law. You should not assume a deposit made by you towards the purchase or lease of a product is fully refundable.

Last updated: July 27, 2017