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CarZeal Sales and Marketing area CarZeal (AB Cube Technologies) is responsible for the budgetary planning of the Italian and export markets, along with the relevant sales management operations, and for the development of sales, defining the sales policies and strategies. It presents new products to the sales network (agents and distributors), providing technical advice to the client base and resolving any application-based issues. It collaborates on the drafting of marketing plans, and manages reports for the sales network. It also deals with marketing initiatives (trade fairs, brochures, newsletters, group websites, advertising investments, brand management, etc.). It delivers ongoing support to the technical/sales network, providing price quotations and product certifications, issues sales documents and manages shipments. We are always keen to recruit candidates whose strengths include interpersonal relationships, empathy, the ability to work as part of a team, good organizational, communication, leadership, negotiating and analytical skills, creativity, a focus on objectives, and knowledge of foreign languages.

CarZeal Human Resources area conceives and implements initiatives for the management and development of the personnel, dealing with the selection and recruitment of human resources, drafting the chart of the organizational positions, defining responsibilities, skills sets and training requirements. We are responsible for the printing of payslips, the correct application of the contractual regulations and compliance with legal requirements. We develop a system of internal relations that facilitates the relationships between the personnel and the company and promotes the development of an appropriate climate. We welcome applications from candidates with the capacity to manage and organize the work of others, a focus on the internal client, a pro-active approach, an ability to work as part of a team, good leadership skills and analytical capacity, and a knowledge of English.

The IT Systems area supports the Executive on the definition of the group's IT strategies, planning out the development of the hardware and software architecture and infrastructure, implementing feasibility studies, managing projects and proposing interventions to enhance and optimize the system applications. It provides an internal help-desk service. We welcome applications from human resources who are oriented towards the internal client and who have a pro-active approach, are effective team members, have good analytical skills, the ability to manage resources and budgets, good negotiating skills and a knowledge of English.

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